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Choose the Best Roof & Floor Trusses

Framing with wood trusses is the most reliable, efficient way to build your project. At Pryor Truss Company, we draw on years of experience to custom build high-quality floor and roof trusses that you won't find anywhere else. When you choose us, you have the security of knowing your trusses are engineered to your specifications by a team of experts.

Exact Fit

We use state-of-the-art software to design your trusses, perfectly detailing the product your need. With over 30 years of experience, our production manager expertly oversees the building process and delivers a value-added product every time. Our experience and expertise in manufacturing wood trusses ensures consistent fit and performance for the life of your project.

Reduced Labor

Installing roof and floor trusses is easier than conventional framing, so our wood trusses increase production while saving labor. Simply put, any skilled building professional can set our trusses into place. Additionally, floor trusses expedite other trades such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC, by providing open webbing to pass through.

Raising Up of a Truss

Enhanced Efficiency

Because they arrive at your job site pre-engineered and ready to install, roof and floor trusses help you avoid common framing delays and costly inspection delays. This makes your overall construction process simpler and more efficient.

Guaranteed Performance

Built to meet all local and national building code requirements, our roof and floor trusses are designed to handle your load and structurally support even the most complex framing systems. With our team on your side, designing durable trusses is easy.

Reduced Costs

Unlike conventional framing, roof trusses do not contribute to job site waste, ultimately reducing your cleanup costs. Because your trusses are delivered exactly when needed, they're also less likely to be vandalized or stolen. Thanks to our precise dimension matching process, our trusses reduce framing time by an average of 25%.

Superior Versatility

Our designers have years of expertise and tools that allow you to build complicated roof or ceiling profiles that add character to your home or building. Whether you're working on a residential property or a commercial space, our trusses are perfect for any application.

Delivering Wood for a Truss

Higher Construction Value

Our wood trusses boost construction value by reducing costs and increasing quality. Meticulously engineered and assembled, our roof and floor trusses ensure high-quality framing while also eliminating the variables that often slow down building projects and drive up costs.


Our professional engineers take your exact loading specifications in order to craft trusses customized to suit the roof or flooring project you're working on. We pride ourselves on delivering accurately crafted trusses designed for the highest tolerances.

Quick Delivery

With a variety of trucks equipped to handle any truss, we're able to get your trusses to you in almost any location. We also keep delivery times down, delivering your trusses to you promptly so that your project stays on schedule.